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Storm doors are very common in the USA and Canada. This is an additional protection of the house in case of natural disasters and not only. Let’s understand what storm doors are, how they differ, the benefits of installing them and whether they have any disadvantages.

Who needs storm doors in their home?

In some cases - it is a useful and even necessary addition. The storm door in Sacramento also acts as a second entrance door. It covers the main entrance door, which can be the most ordinary one. The house storm door frame can be made of steel, plastic, wood, aluminium or fibreglass. And the wing is traditionally made of toughened glass. This option is the most common. You can open the first entrance door and see what is happening outside, who has come to visit.

There are several benefits to installing a house storm door near me in Sacramento

  • It increases the insulation of the front door, keeping heat safely inside the house. It acts like a vestibule, keeping the cold out of the front door.
  • Safety is guaranteed. You can open the main front door and see the children playing in the garden. The second door usually becomes an extra barrier to intruders.
  • You can open the inside door to let more sunlight into the house.
  • The front door is weatherproof and will last longer.
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What you need to know about house storm doors in Sacramento

  • The glass panel heats up quickly. If your entrance group faces south and is exposed to sunlight, heat will accumulate in the space between the doors and the main entrance door may suffer.
  • Storm doors don’t always look good. Yes, there are decorative ones, but they cost considerably more than regular ones.
  • You have to open two doors when you go out or come in. This can be inconvenient, especially if you have heavy bags or a child in your arms.

If you decide to install a storm door, there are a number of things to consider when choosing one

  • Frame material. Aluminium and steel are more expensive than PVC, but last longer and are more reliable.
  • Quality of glass. Tempered glass can be tinted and patterned for decorative purposes. Low-E glass is available, which blocks ultraviolet light and prevents the interior from overheating.
  • Size. It must, of course, fit the doorway. If you have a non-standard size, you will have to order it, which will be more expensive.
  • The colour of the frame. Ideally, it should match the exterior of the house, decorating it.
  • Fittings. Comfortable and attractive handle, reliable lock, preferably mortise - important criteria when choosing any door. There are models with limiters and pneumatic closers, which are convenient but more expensive.

You definitely do not need a storm door in Sacramento if you have a vestibule or the entrance group is located on the south side, under the sunlight. All in all, it’s a useful addition for security and to improve the energy efficiency of your home. However, it is not always advisable to go to this extra expense.

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Who to trust for storm door installation in Sacramento

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