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Any house in Sacramento, made of logs or beams, looks spectacular and modern. Very accurately simulate the appearance of log walls allows wood siding, which is a modified version of wagon (it is characterized by the presence of a connector type tongue and groove). Natural wood siding in Sacramento can be attached to wall surfaces made of any building material, because it is light and does not create a large load on them.

The main difference between the types of siding, in addition to the imitation of the log or beam surface, is in the type of wood used. It is from its qualitative characteristics depends on the aesthetics (determined by the wood grain) and durability of the finished structure. The most suitable species for the production of cladding materials for exterior walls are larch and pine. Composite wood can also be used for their production.

Wood siding for homes comes in several types:

  • vertical wood siding
  • horizontal wood siding
  • exterior wood siding
  • interior wood siding
wood siding for homes
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The siding elements are attached to the frame structure, which provides the creation of a flat and vertical plane and determines the external shape of the building. The elements of such a frame are bars, boards or metal profiles, which are fastened to the wall with nails, self-tapping screws or dowels.

On the resulting frame the cladding is fixed with the help of small nails, which are hammered into the inside of the connecting groove. Installation is carried out from the bottom to the top, evenly around the perimeter of the house, checking the horizontality of each row. The last stage is the installation of additional elements (on corners, openings, etc.). With their help the appearance of the house acquires completeness.

The final process of finishing the house fake wood siding in Sacramento is the application of a protective coating, such as varnish, to its exterior surface. In addition, this solution can improve the aesthetic appearance of the siding.

Insulating the house with wooden siding

The need to attach siding laths to the frame allows you to simultaneously perform the finishing process and insulation of the walls of the house. To do this, the insulator is placed in the cells formed by the elements of the frame. However, the order of works in this option is slightly different.

First of all, it is necessary to protect the insulation from moisture, which can penetrate it both from the outside and from the inside. For this purpose, two vapor-permeable layers are formed - one directly on the surface of the wall, the second on the frame. In this way, the insulator is placed between two layers that allow vapor to pass from the house to the outside and are completely impermeable to it in the opposite direction.

Secondly, when insulating the house with modern wood siding in Sacramento, it is necessary to create an air gap between it and the second layer of the vapor barrier, which provides ventilation of the space under the siding to remove moisture vapor. It is formed by bars attached to the frame, which additionally hold the second layer of vapor barrier.

vertical wood siding
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Wood Siding Replacement and Installation in Sacramento

If you have a need for wood siding replacement in Sacramento, it is important to choose the right contractor.  Nico Pro Construction is experienced in wood siding installation and replacement in Sacramento and other California cities. Call us for a consultation on wood siding costs, types and types of wood-like siding. If you are interested in modern wood siding for your home, call us now.

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