Who orders additional living units

In Sacramento, attached dwelling units (ADUs) are becoming increasingly popular as a housing solution. ADUs have benefits ranging from providing additional living space to generating rental income. This article focuses on a survey of ADU clients in Sacramento, the construction process, the role of contractors, and the importance of quality and service.

Who orders ADU services in Sacramento?

In Sacramento, accessory dwelling unit (ADU) services are ordered by a variety of individuals and groups. Apartment owners have the choice of accommodating a growing family, creating separate living spaces for adult children or aging parents, and generating additional rental income.

Real estate investors also order ADUs to make optimal use of their land holdings and diversify their real estate portfolio. In addition, ADUs are ordered by individuals and organizations interested in affordable housing, as these homes can help address the housing shortage and provide more affordable housing.

Construction Process

The process of building an ADU in Sacramento consists of several basic steps. First, you must consult with a reliable contractor who specializes in ADU construction and remodeling. Our Nico Pro Construction orderlies can evaluate the site, discuss design options, and provide a cost estimate. Once the design and estimate are finalized, the contractor contacts local authorities to obtain the necessary permits.

ADU services in Sacramento
ADU services in Sacramento

During construction, the contractor coordinates various aspects such as site preparation, foundation construction, structural components, electrical and plumbing systems, insulation and finishes. The construction process can vary depending on the complexity of the ADU project and its specific requirements. Throughout the process, the contractor must adhere to building codes, established schedules, and maintain constant communication with the client.

Role of contractors

Contractors play a critical role in a successful ADU implementation. Their experience in construction and remodeling provides assurance that the facility will be erected according to the standards and expectations of the client. Nico Pro Construction's experienced contractors understand the unique considerations and challenges associated with ADU construction, such as maximizing the use of limited space, integrating utilities and ensuring efficient use of resources.

Contractors also coordinate with subcontractors such as electricians, plumbers, and carpenters to ensure that all aspects of construction are performed by qualified professionals. Nico Pro Construction contractors in Sacramento, through established relationships with suppliers, are able to ensure the use of high-quality materials and guarantee a high level of craftsmanship on the job.

The importance of quality and service

When ordering ADU in Sacramento, it is important to prioritize quality and service. Quality construction ensures the longevity and functionality of the building, providing a comfortable living experience for the occupants. It is very important to work with reliable contractors who have a track record of delivering high quality work and a full understanding of the unique requirements of home construction. Service is equally important in the ADU ordering process. A contractor who provides excellent service will guide the client through every step of the job, answering questions, offering constructive solutions, and managing the project efficiently. The focus is on open communication, transparency of terms and cost, and meeting the customers needs and preferences.

ADU services in Sacramento
ADU services in Sacramento


ADU Sacramento is approached by a wide range of individuals and groups, including homeowners, real estate investors, and people looking for affordable housing. The construction process involves consulting with experienced contractors, obtaining necessary permits, and coordinating various construction activities. Qualified contractors play a key role in the success of ADU projects by ensuring compliance and quality work. When undertaking an ADU project, quality and service are critical to creating a functional and attractive home that meets your needs. Working with reliable and experienced ADU contractors can help you take advantage of additional housing opportunities, generate rental income, and solve your housing problems in Sacramento.

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