Farmhouse Style Kitchen Ideas in Sacramento
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Despite its name, farmhouse style is not an exact copy of any rustic trend, here you can clearly trace only echoes of the rustic style, but it is more based on modern practicality, simplicity and creating maximum comfort.

Perhaps the key feature that distinguishes the farmhouse kitchen style from any other rustic style is the fact that the emphasis is not on the decorative, external component, but on creating comfort and the greatest practicality. This is an amazing symbiosis of convenience and beauty, which we today unanimously take for the ideal. A number of details such as ceiling beams, natural wood floors and predominantly open storage systems contribute to the creation of a farmhouse style kitchen interior in Sacramento.

What a farmhouse kitchen design should be like

Despite the fact that the farmhouse kitchen style in Sacramento is largely composed of modern ideas about comfort and beauty, there is one important feature: there is no place in it for the latest trends. That&rsquo;s why you won&rsquo;t find in such a kitchen today very relevant solutions, for example, shiny surfaces of furniture facades, complex or bright prints, and even more their combinations, creative fittings.

The colour palette plays an important role in understanding any style. The farmhouse style is based on a natural palette: colours that we often find in the environment. In addition, it is much easier to work with such a palette, because to create a successful composition it is enough to copy the combinations that already exist in nature. If we talk about specific shades, they are all pastel colours, for example, cream, grey, beige, neutral shades are always relevant. However, such an interior can not be limited to one light range, so you can add more saturated tones: brick, dark blue, muted green. Often in the style of a farmhouse can be found and saturated contrasts, so the classic combination of black with white or beige will still be appropriate.

farmhouse kitchen design
modern farmhouse kitchen ideas

Basic Sacramento farmhouse style kitchen decorating ideas

When choosing furniture for a modern farmhouse style kitchen in Sacramento, you should focus primarily on the practicality and quality of the products. As for the design, it can be very laconic and traditional. Usually it is simple shapes and a minimum of decoration, metal fittings, neat and not out of the general style.

Open storage is now back in the interior fashion, but in fact it is not a new technique. In the country style it is open shelves that will look most appropriate, on them you can arrange everything you need for cooking.

Wood is probably the most popular finishing material, and in the interior in the farmhouse style of wood is always a lot. This natural material is used both for flooring and wall decorations to create layouts and interesting architectural designs. It is usually just treated panels, often painted in light colors.

As mentioned above, the farmhouse kitchen style in Sacramento is very much focused on the practical component. That is probably why in such a kitchen there should always be a place for a well-equipped pantry, where it is convenient to store products, dishes, cereals or spices.

Who to trust for farmhouse style kitchen remodeling in Sacramento

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