Small Bathroom Renovation in Sacramento

The remodel of a small bathroom includes not only the technical side of the matter in the form of updating the plumbing and finishing work, but the functionality of the room is also very important. It is necessary to organize a small space so that it carries as much useful load as possible. How to achieve this you can read in our article.

The initial stage of renovation of a small bathroom

By being consistent in the way you do the job, you will have the best small bathroom renovation in Sacramento done quickly and efficiently. Here it is better to act in stages, observing a certain order. As a result, you will not make any mistakes and will not waste time and money on reconstruction.

First of all, you need a project of your future small bathroom. You can act on your own or use the services of specialists, but show your ideas on paper or electronically, so that they have a visual character.

One of the good tricks to increase space when renovating a small bathroom in Sacramento is to combine it with a toilet. In this case, all the plumbing, sink and toilet bowl will be easier for you to place because there are already appropriate installation systems.

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It will also be helpful to use the following visual design techniques when renovating a small bathroom:

  • Choose light colors for surfaces;
  • Install special lighting;
  • Place wide vertical stripes on the walls and make narrow borders;
  • Do not overload the space with details;
  • Choose finishes for surfaces with glossy and mirrored textures.

When designing a small bathroom, it is important to remember that it is necessary to free as much space as possible. Therefore, everything that does not carry a functional load, safely remove.

Plumbing and Furniture in the Interior of a Small Bathroom

When it comes to budget repair or renovation of a small bathroom near me, then the best option is considered a shower cabin. Now there are such great models with deep tubs with a whirlpool that there will be enough opportunities to relax in comfortable conditions.

In addition, it has an economical water consumption. And the built-in ventilation above the shower quickly removes moisture and prevents condensation on and under the surface.

If you really want to install the same bathtub, there are excellent options: angular and curved models, the length of which is enough to fit even in the full height. Ideas for small bathroom makeover in Sacramento, photos of which can be seen below, will help you choose the equipment.

small bathroom renovations
small bathroom remodel ideas

Even in a small bathroom you can find a place for a compact washing machine. It is installed in a niche under the sink or the boiler, in the corner between the bathroom and the wall or above the toilet. It is important that an insulated socket is accessible and that the pipes are hidden.

It is recommended that waste water be discharged directly into a drain. This will prevent damage to plumbing fixtures and accidental flooding.

Tall cabinets, hanging shelves, towel dryers - all of these are perfectly placed on the walls, providing enough space for storing small items and not taking up space on the floor.

Shelves - doors on brackets, opening at an angle of 45-60 degrees, or narrow horizontal shelves with sliding screens in the sides of the bathtub will be a great place for shampoos, gels, foams and other hygiene products.

Installing furniture after repair in a small bathroom, you can find a place for a compact pull-out rack. It will perfectly fit clean towels, and there they will not be afraid of moisture.

Who to trust for small bathroom remodeling in Sacramento

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