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Shower door installation is almost the last and final stage of the installation. At first glance, it may seem that shower door installation is not the most complicated part of the job, as it does not require any special equipment. But as is often the case, first impressions are deceptive.

If you are planning to fit a bathroom in your home, you should weigh up the pros and cons of doing it yourself. The pros of using the services of a professional are that the installation is done quickly and efficiently, although not always. The disadvantages are usually attributed to the relatively high cost of this service. If you decide to do it yourself, you need to have patience, the necessary equipment and carefully read the installation instructions. Many people neglect the latter, but after familiarising themselves with the instructions, the repair will be painless and successful.

Once you have chosen a shower enclosure that you like, it is advisable to start preparing it for installation as soon as possible, preferably a few days before it is delivered to your home. Most shower cubicles from reputable brands are very similar in terms of features, appearance and installation. However, there are brands that produce slightly different shower enclosures that deviate from modern standards. After the main part of the work, installing the shower tray and assembling the shower enclosure, it is necessary to start hanging the shower door.

Assembly and installation of shower enclosure doors

Self-installation of the shower enclosure includes replacing the shower door. The work consists in fixing the upper and lower rollers. After that, the doors are fitted with seals and installed on the place intended for them - in the niche. When adjusting the upper rollers, it is necessary to achieve the optimum position of the doors when fully closed.

Assembly should start with the installation of the shower door frame in Sacramento. This is the most important part, because if the door frames are not assembled correctly, it will not be possible to install them correctly on the tray. Before assembly, you should familiarise yourself with the components of the frame. It consists of 2 semi-circular profiles and 2 vertical straight profiles. The kit also includes 8 stainless steel screws with a special coating. On the semi-circular profiles, the manufacturer usually places stickers labelled UP - top part and DOWN - bottom part. These stickers must be strictly observed. If they are missing, you will have to decide for yourself which part should be on which side.

What you need to install a new shower door

Straight profiles are much simpler. There is a special square in the bottom part, which is necessary for a tighter fit of the door to the shower tray and for installation in the niche. After assembling the frame, it is necessary to fix it with screws. A screwdriver can be a great helper. Sometimes the screws slip, which not only slows down the work, but can also damage parts of the frame. If this happens, lubricate the end of the screw with silicone or sealant. This will not only make it easier to screw in the screws, but will also serve as an additional seal.

The second type of shower frame differs from the first in the way of fixing. Instead of the usual screws, special locks are used. The principle of assembly is slightly different.

Firstly, all the locks should be loosened by three turns with the key provided. This is done by making three full turns in an anti-clockwise direction. And when closing the locks, it is important to remember the manufacturer’s restrictions on the number of turns. This means that if the installer turns the locks too far, they will break. You must therefore be very careful. It is not necessary to tighten the lock too much: when you feel that the lock will not turn any further, you should stop.

The next step is to install rubber stops so that the doors do not hit the walls of the cabin, close tightly and do not come off their hinges. Installing the shower enclosure rollers is a painstaking job that requires precision. You will have to take measurements several times to make sure that the holes for them are symmetrical enough. Even if the manufacturer drilled them incorrectly, the installers will have to re-drill the screw holes so that they are the same distance apart.

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Completing the installation of the new shower door

The first step is to install the front side panels in the grooves of the vertical profiles, before placing the plastic seals on the panels, which can be lubricated with silicone, but better with oil for better sliding during installation. It is also recommended to grease the groove of the vertical profile. The door to be installed is then hung on the profile and the bottom rollers are inserted and installed in a special niche. The installation of the rollers on the shower door is important.

There are eccentrics in the rollers, which should be placed in the niche with the maximum distance between the rollers, i.e. with the narrow part of the eccentric upwards.

When installing shower doors on the profile, unscrew the adjusting bolt and then install the door in the opening. Once the doors are in place, they should be closed tightly to check for gaps.

Finally, repeat in your mind all the actions carried out during the installation and do the following

  • Connect all communications;
  • Install handles, mirrors and other decorative elements;
  • level the unit with a spirit level;
  • Install the screen.

Now it is time to check that everything really works in the shower cubicle you have installed with your own hands. All you need to do is to use it for its intended purpose - to take a shower, while trying out all the options provided by the shower enclosure manufacturer.

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