Farmhouse Bathroom Remodeling

Before starting a farmhouse bathroom renovation or remodeling project, everything should be deliberately and clearly planned and combined. When designing your room, you should stick to the calculations when arranging the items in the room, combining them to achieve the best arrangement.

At the same time, the bathroom should be as comfortable as possible for all members of the family, and there should still be enough space for maneuvering. However, as practice shows, farmhouse bathroom remodeling is quite common.

Quite often in the bathrooms of farmhouse type houses there is a combined bathroom. By properly combining a combined bathroom, you can get more free space than with a separate bathroom.

Modern farmhouse bathroom ideas

For a small bathroom, having a bathtub itself is quite an aggravating factor as it takes up quite a large area. It is better to skip the bathtub and install a shower enclosure. For convenience, you can buy a shower stall that has a place to sit so that you can relax your legs and partially immerse them in the water while taking a shower.

Another convenient feature of a shower stall is the fact that it has special built-in shelves where you can place various toiletries.

At the bottom of the washbasin you can place a small cabinet that has two functions: it will hide the knee, as well as the distribution of cold / hot water pipes, and will give the opportunity to place various hygiene items, as well as the necessary household chemicals.

farmhouse bathroom ideas
modern farmhouse bathroom ideas
farmhouse bathroom remodel

Finishes and lighting

It is very important to choose the right color scheme for the farmhouse bathroom. This room should be quite bright. For the finishing you can use light tiles, monochrome or with relief patterns and designs.

Walls can be painted with light waterproof paint, the floor is better to lay ceramic tiles. Mosaic in the bathroom can give a unique look to the interior. It should be noted that here the walls and floor are in contact with various chemicals that leave stains.

Therefore, in the bathroom it is desirable to choose tiles that are resistant to various chemicals, have low water absorption and acid resistance. Glass mosaic is suitable for decorative wall covering in the room exposed to steam and water. Ceramic tiles are also suitable for tiling shower cabins, you can also tile the outside of the bathtub.

It is desirable that the lighting in the bathroom farmhouse type was quite powerful. Such lighting will additionally emphasize the beauty of the finish of this room, visually enhance it and create a feeling of coziness and warmth.

To whom to entrust the farmhouse bathroom renovation

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