Sacramento Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

As a rule, master bathroom remodeling begins with the stage of planning and zoning. For this purpose, you can use special computer programs that will allow you not only to develop the layout of the master bathroom to your liking, but also to determine the optimal location of the bathtub or shower, sink and toilet if it is a combined bathroom. Some of these programs do not even need to be downloaded - you can work with them online.

You can also go the other way. On a sheet of paper or Wattman put all the dimensions of the room and existing engineering communications. Then cut out models of the necessary plumbing fixtures and furniture to the exact scale of the paper. This method allows you to clearly realize any master bathroom layout ideas in Sacramento in terms of zoning and furnishing.

Basic ideas for bathroom layout

Some very strict rules, as well as prohibitions, the master bathroom renovation in the apartment does not provide. But experts still recommend choosing light colors of paint, tiles or other finishing materials. The color does not necessarily have to be white - it requires fairly frequent and thorough maintenance. A variety of shades of olive, pink and even lilac will be suitable.

By the way, you can use color to visually expand the boundaries of the room. Especially if the floor tiles are laid diagonally and the wall covering materials are used in a combination of different shades.

Choice of finishes

To date, modern bathroom design involves the use of a variety of finishing materials. The most popular of them are

  • Tiles;
  • Plastic;
  • Paint and plaster;
  • Wallpaper;
  • Mosaic.

It is one of the most environmentally friendly and aesthetic types of finishing materials for the bathroom or toilet.

Tile is resistant to water and high humidity conditions, it is quite easy to maintain. In addition, it successfully resists the appearance of mold and fungus. In addition, tiles and porcelain stoneware have a fairly high rate of strength and durability.

Modern tiles can have a variety of textures and colors, which allows you to make master bath renovation original, unique and unrepeatable.


Various types of this material are widely used in the interior of the bathroom. In addition to the fact that plastic is actively used in the production of bathroom furniture and various accessories, PVC panels for finishing bathroom walls are also quite widespread.

Plastic panels are quite durable, do not require complex maintenance and, from an aesthetic point of view, significantly expand the limits of possible options for the design of rooms.

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Not so long ago, they were almost the only alternative to tiles. However, in recent times they have made a serious step forward and reached a completely new qualitative level. If in the past water-based emulsion paints quickly began to blister and peel, modern paints, for example, based on acrylic, can give the bathroom a very presentable and aesthetic appearance.

Thanks to the paint, the interior of the bathroom can play with a whole new palette.


Recently, designers often offer master bathroom renovation ideas in Sacramento with the active use of glass. Glass wall paneling has become very popular in those cases when initially conceived a bathroom without tiles, but also painting surfaces is not provided.

In addition, glass and mirrors used in interior design are able to visually expand the size of the room.

Bathroom lighting

The absolute majority of experts believe that a competent interior design of the bathroom is impossible without well-planned lighting. The light should be bright enough. It increases the feeling of warmth, comfort and cleanliness. And, of course, bright light makes it much easier to perform all kinds of hygienic and cosmetic procedures.

The necessary level of illumination can be achieved in different ways. The source of light can be a single chandelier or lamp, as well as several lighting devices built into the ceiling or walls. In addition, modern, safe and cost-effective energy-efficient lighting fixtures can serve as an additional decorative element, sometimes very unexpected and original.

The master bathroom renovation cost

When you contact Nico Pro Construction, you can always find out the average master bathroom remodel cost. We have a wide variety of bathroom remodeling ideas, both budget and high-end. We have extensive experience with master bathroom remodel in Sacramento.

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