Small kitchen remodeling in Sacramento

Small kitchens in Sacramento are not a common occurrence, but they do happen. Modern architects often neglect the need for a large cooking space as well. Therefore, the problem of small kitchen renovation in Sacramento is relevant for both buyers of new homes and homes that are taken as long-term rentals.

Here are some small kitchen extension ideas in Sacramento

Here are some design tricks to make sure that every square foot of floor space is used wisely. In this article we will talk about successful and not very successful small kitchen makeover in Sacramento and also we’ll touch the basics of redevelopment of the small kitchen:

What to consider:

  • peculiarities of ceiling repair, installation of lighting;
  • walls - how to decorate them to make the room look bigger;
  • how to make a comfortable floor, which will also work to visually increase the area;
  • doors and partitions - what to consider when demolishing or moving them;
  • furniture - how to make it beautiful, spacious and not cramped?
small kitchen remodeling
small kitchen makeovers

Ceiling and Lighting

When remodeling a kitchen in a small home, a common problem is low ceilings. This contributes to the feeling of confinement. That’s why Nico Pro Construction specialists recommend either painting the ceiling in light colors or installing stretch ceilings - glossy or with a picture perspective. This will visually enlarge the space.

Do not use suspended panels or ceiling tiles - they create an overhanging effect and make the room look smaller;

Stretch structures can be mounted close to the floor, they eat much less height. It is recommended to use surface mounted or single pendant fixtures over the dining area, as there is no need to hide the lighting module under the fabric.

Lighting ideas for small condo kitchens in Sacramento

Lighting in a small kitchen is planned so that there are no dark corners. If a central chandelier is used, it is desirable to mount it as close to the ceiling as possible. Pendant lighting is better in the dining area, for example, or not at all - it will interfere with getting something out of the high drawers. It is also necessary to consider the lighting of the work area and furniture.

small kitchen renovation cost
small kitchen reno


The traditional advice for small rooms - wallpaper in light colors - may be irrelevant for kitchens - too easy to get dirty. Also, total white causes eye fatigue. Combine plain wallpaper with a pattern. For example, positive slogans will give optimism in the morning, wallpaper in the form of retro newspapers or with beautiful graphics look good.

Why renovations get delayed and how to deal with it

Small kitchen reno in Sacramento without delays and problematic situations is a reality. The professionals at Nico Pro Construction understand this and try to anticipate all possible difficulties in advance. Our professionals have extensive experience in small kitchen renovations and remodeling in Sacramento and other California cities.

Who to trust for small kitchen remodeling in Sacramento

Quality repair of a small kitchen requires not only monetary investment, but also wit, resourcefulness, non-standard approach. It will not be superfluous and design project - our experts will certainly take into account all the nuances, and not only in terms of beauty and comfort, but also safety. Call us now and get professional advice. Nico Pro Construction - the best interior remodeling contractors in Sacramento.

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