Painting kitchen cabinets

We can safely say that the kitchen, dining room is the main place in any house, the place where the whole family meets, has breakfast, lunch, dinner, meets guests and discusses family affairs. And, of course, this place should be cozy and beautiful, pleasing to the eye and soothing, because the surrounding interior sometimes have to look at many years. It is quite easy to update the kitchen set without investing huge funds and efforts, and it is not necessary to immediately run to the store for the purchase of new expensive furniture.

There are many other ways to change the kitchen, from complete or partial replacement of individual modules, to the application of special self-adhesive film, varnish and veneer, but the most popular and least expensive way to transform is to paint the kitchen facade yourself. After that, the favorite meeting place of the whole family will be transformed and create a warm atmosphere in the whole house.

The question of updating the panels of the kitchen set is especially relevant if its surface has faded, frayed, lost the aesthetics of its original appearance, does not fit into the new renovation or the owners just wanted to diversify the environment. Spending a minimum of money, you will achieve impressive results. Let's understand how and what to paint the facade of the kitchen at home with minimal effort and in the shortest possible time.

Painting kitchen cabinets
Painting kitchen cabinets

How to paint kitchen fronts at home?

To begin with, it is necessary to decide what you will paint the kitchen facade with. Today, the market offers many varieties of paint materials, but not all equally well can be used for painting kitchen facades. For example, oil paint and a brush is almost impossible to achieve a perfectly smooth surface, and water emulsion paints are not designed for this kind of work.

The best option for painting a kitchen facade at home is aerosol spray paint, such as acrylic or auto enamel, due to its heat and moisture resistance. Aerosol acrylic paint is durable, is not afraid of damage and has many shades. Aerosol paint in cans is used in a variety of areas, including it is applicable in household and repair work for painting furniture. Low cost, convenience of spraying and the possibility of creating a perfectly even coating, make people choose this paint and make it indispensable for repair and decoration.

However, it may be more convenient and familiar to someone to paint the facades in the traditional way with a brush or roller, so we will consider in this article both ways - painting the kitchen facade with spray paint and painting the facade with a roller and brush.

Painting a kitchen set with your own hands, as one of the most affordable ways to update the room, will not require from you special skill and years of experience working with paints and varnishes. The procedure for painting a kitchen facade at home is so simple that a person who has never even encountered this kind of work, will successfully cope. The most important thing is to stock up on patience, as well as the necessary tools and materials. So, to qualitatively paint the kitchen facade yourself, you will need the following inventory.

Painting kitchen cabinets
Painting kitchen cabinets

What will you need to paint kitchen fronts with your own hands?

  • sufficient amount of spray enamel
  • when using conventional paint - roller, brushes, paint tubs
  • Gloves and mask or goggles for protection
  • Newspaper or plastic sheeting and paper tape (painter's tape)
  • basin of water, detergent and sponges
  • solvent or white spirit for degreasing the surface
  • sandpaper
  • primer
  • if deep scratches or chips need to be repaired, putty and a trowel
  • spray acrylic varnish
  • Optional: if you plan to apply patterns or designs to the kitchen front, you will

Step-by-step instructions for painting a kitchen facade

  • Step_1 Prepare the workplace. When painting from an aerosol can the paint can fly quite widely around the room, so prepare a place for painting in advance, cover surrounding objects and the floor with a covering film, prepare personal protective equipment, tools and materials.
  • Step_2 Preparing the kitchen for painting. Dismantle the elements of the facade. It is more convenient to paint in a horizontal position, so you need to remove all the doors and unscrew the hardware. If possible, remove glass inserts from the structures or seal them with a protective film. If desired, it will be possible to replace the old hardware with new ones. Also cover the places that do not require paint with mounting tape and covering film.
  • Step_3 Cleaning the surfaces. If the facades are dirty, wash well with detergent and warm water, wipe dry and degrease with solvent. Remove the film from the facades, if any, with an industrial hair dryer. To achieve the best possible façade paint finish at home, sand the surfaces with fine grit sandpaper, then rinse again with warm water and dry.
  • Step_4 OPTIONAL. Puttying. If there are deep scratches or chips on the surface of the kitchen fronts, fill them in with putty and a trowel. It is best to use automotive putty. After puttying, sand the surface with a fine primer and clean it.
  • Step_5 Apply primer. There are different types of primers: for plastic, wood, etc. Choose the right one for your facade. You can use either regular primer or aerosol primer in cans. Coat the surface with the primer in 1 - 2 layers.
  • Step_6 Painting. As we have already said, to qualitatively paint the kitchen facade with your own hands it is best to use aerosol paint. Thoroughly shake the can for 20-30 seconds so that the paint is well mixed. Slowly, sprawling movements spray the paint on the surface from a distance of 20 - 30 cm. It is recommended to apply at least 2-3 layers of paint, following the rule: the next layer should be applied no sooner than the previous one dries. The drying time is specified in the paint instructions.
  • Step_7 Lacquer coating. After painting and final drying of the facades, we recommend you to apply a lacquer coating. It is best to use an aerosol acrylic varnish, glossy or matte, depending on what effect you want on the coating. It will give depth to the color and create a protective coating to protect the newly painted surface from damage.
  • Step_8 Final drying and installation. The painted and lacquered facade should be finally dried for 3 - 4 hours, then the hinges, handles and other fittings that we removed should be put back in place, after which the facade panels can be put back in place.
Painting kitchen cabinets
Painting kitchen cabinets

How to paint a kitchen facade with a brush and roller?

The general technology and sequence of steps when painting kitchen facades with a brush and roller is the same as when painting with aerosol paints. Let us draw your attention to a few important points:

The brush for painting the kitchen facade at home should be new. It is easy to paint recesses, joints, corners, small details, in general, all those hard-to-reach places where it would be difficult or impossible to reach with a roller. For even application of paint, buy a foam roller, and a special paint tray will make the work more convenient and will not let absorb a lot of paint material in the brush or roller.

To qualitatively paint the kitchen facade yourself, avoid sweat and any other traces, it is recommended not to take too much paint on the brush and roller, to drive on the surface smooth even movements.

In conclusion, we would like to note that by changing only the color of the facade of the kitchen, you will make the whole room will look different. This method will help you to make a new kitchen set from the old and worn furniture, to fit it into the color scheme of the room after the repair or just to create a new cozy environment around you. For a greater effect you can decorate the facades with drawings or special decorative elements.

As you can see, painting a kitchen is not only repair, but also creativity. Now that you know how and what to paint the facade of the kitchen with your own hands, you can safely get to work. We promise, in the updated room will not only be pleasant to be in, but also to cook, wash dishes, meet and communicate.

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