Patio Door Installation in Sacramento

Unless you have some experience in installing this type of door, you should either forgo such an endeavor or get detailed advice from a professional such as Nico Pro Construction. Ignorance of some construction nuances can lead to disastrous results. Correcting mistakes will require significant financial outlay.

Self installation of patio doors

This type of door has many positive features that improve the overall performance of any home.

  • It protects against cold, drafts, dust and street noise.
  • The door glazing provides an additional source of natural light.
  • The texture of the plastic adds an aesthetic look to the interior of the room.
  • Time spent on maintenance and cleaning of the product is minimal.
  • Service life is practically unlimited with proper use.

Before installing a patio door, certain preparations must be made

Before starting the installation, it is worth determining the scope of the work to be done. It should be understood that in addition to the door frame, the window frame located next to it will need to be installed.

To install a new patio door in Sacramento on your own, you will usually use the following tools

  • Hammer;
  • Punch or drill;
  • A level;
  • Installation crowbar;
  • Special segmented knife.

First remove the old door structure. Remove the door from its hinges. Remove all self-tapping screws, bolts and other hardware. Remove the frame with a crowbar. Moisten the jambs to reduce dust. Scrape off the installation foam and mortar residue. Try to minimise damage to the opening.

A new patio door in Sscramento can be a stand-alone piece or it can be bundled with a window unit. For the first option, there must be

  • Door panel;
  • Frame;
  • Threshold;

You will also need mounting foam and fasteners in the form of self-tapping screws, plugs and anchor plates. The latter should be suitable for your construction.

After preparing all the tools and dismantling the old door, proceed to install a patio door on the balcony.

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Installing the threshold

Usually this element is included in the purchased set, otherwise it is arranged independently.

The threshold is made of the same profile as the door. Its design ensures a tight connection with the door frame. The height of the finished product is usually not less than 5 cm. If the size is very large, the threshold can be slightly buried in the floor.

Installing the patio door frame

The main task when installing the box in the opening is to install it strictly vertically, without breaking the right angles. At the same time, it is necessary to leave technological gaps between the structure and the walls. Self-assembly of the patio door in Sacramento is quite simple if the following steps are carried out correctly.

  • Prepare the box for installation. It is connected to the opening with fasteners. These can be different depending on the material of the walls. Anchor plates are most commonly used. They are inserted into special grooves in the profile, then turned and fastened with self-tapping screws. The number of plates for standard doors is 10 (two on the top and four on each side). After installation, they should be turned towards the room.
  • Place the box on the support pads. They will remain in the construction and are necessary to create gaps.
  • Use a spirit level to check the correct geometry of the box. Correct it vertically or horizontally with the help of assembly wedges.
  • Finally, use anchor plates to fix the box in the opening. How and how to fix depends on the wall material of the opening.
  • If the beam is made of wood, use a screwdriver to fix it with dowels. To prevent deflection, support blocks are placed in the gaps for a while.

If the wall is not strong, e.g. made of aerated concrete, fixing is done with mounting plates. These are secured with self-tapping screws to distribute the load.

Sealing the joints

All joints are sealed with assembly foam in several stages. It is slightly moistened to improve adhesion to the surfaces.

  • Use the foam tube to fill the central gaps of the opening around the perimeter.
  • Fill the gaps on the room side.
  • Fill the gaps on the balcony side.
  • Trim any excess foam with a construction knife. There should be no air pockets or voids where the foam is cut. If there are no air pockets or voids, the seal is of good quality. Otherwise, the construction will have poor thermal insulation properties and may freeze.

Installing patio doors in a wooden house

Wooden buildings have their own peculiarities that must be taken into account when installing doors. Over time, wood tends to dry out, and after winter and rain - swell, and the foundation may crack. As a result, the geometry of the entrance opening may change permanently, even if only slightly.

That is why, for the correct installation of patio doors in Sacramento, the openings are equipped with a lining (a shackle or flashing) that reinforces the walls and protects the door blocks from any shrinkage effects. It is a construction of specially shaped timbers (side walls, tops and thresholds). They are fixed around the perimeter of the entrance opening. The gap between the frame and the top of the opening should be approximately 15 cm.

This space should not be filled with foam, as the foam will crack and allow air to pass through as the building shrinks.

Use a spirit level to check that the opening is horizontal and vertical. Clean the opening of any debris. The lining of the opening is carried out. Once arranged, installing a platio door in Sacramento in a wood home is no different than installing it in a concrete or brick home.

Who to trust for patio door replacement in Sacramento

Patio door contractors Nico Pro Construction can help you professionally install new patio doors for in Sacramento and other California cities. Call us now for new patio door costs, installation timelines and to replace your old door with a new one.

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