Front Door Installation in Sacramento

Front door installation consists of some fairly simple but difficult to perform steps that require physical strength and technical knowledge from the craftsman.

It is possible to replace the entrance door on your own, observing the rules of installation and following the recommendations of specialists. However, it should not be forgotten that the front door of the house is subjected to considerable stress and is the face of your house or flat. If you are not fully confident in your abilities and have not faced such a process before, it is better to contact specialists. Nico Pro Construction offers front door replacement services in Sacramento and other California cities. A team of handymen can be dispatched to the site for a quick installation.

If you have decided to install the front door yourself, it is worth preparing yourself. Simple recommendations for replacement a beautiful front door in Sacramento from our company will help you to do the job correctly

What tools do you need to install a front door for your home?

Before you start working, make sure you have all the tools you need for the job. If something is missing, it is better to buy everything in advance than to try to improvise the removal and installation of the front door. You will need the following tools for this job:

  • A construction level to check the flatness of the sash position vertically and horizontally;
  • Perforator or hammer drill, complete with trowel and drill bit of the required diameter;
  • A tape measure for measuring;
  • Sledgehammer and hammer for installation and demolition of wall fragments and finishes;
  • Drill for cutting metal and wall surface, it is worth buying disks for metal and concrete;
  • A board or lath, as well as a saw and an axe for making spacer pegs;
  • Anchors of appropriate diameter and length or metal rods cut to size.

Once you have all the tools you need, you can begin the removal and installation process.

Sacramento front door replacement and opening preparation

Before installing a new front door in Sacramento, you need to get rid of the old one and prepare the opening for installation. If the old door will not be used in the house in the future, you can not worry about the neatness of the work. Dismantling is carried out as follows:

  • Remove the wing of the door, for which it should be opened under 90%, and by prying from below remove it from the hinges;
  • Make sure that the box is not fixed with anchors or other fasteners, if there are any, unscrew the anchors beforehand so as not to damage the wall;
  • Furthermore, if necessary, it is necessary to hammer off the finish that interferes with the disassembly;
  • The box is removed with a crowbar, which is picked up one of the edges, and then you need to apply force to break the box out of the wall. If necessary and difficult process, you can saw the box into fragments in advance with a Bulgarian machine.

It is worth thinking in advance about a temporary storage place for the old door or arrange for its removal.

Before installation, it is necessary to prepare the opening for installation work. The main problem is that front doors for Sacramento homes may not match the dimensions of the opening, being wider or narrower than it is. In order to make the opening narrower, before installing a metal door, you can build a structure from a metal profile. Depending on the thickness and width of the profile, the size of the opening will change. The structure is mounted on anchors to increase rigidity and strength. After installation it will be necessary to insulate the slopes. Alternatively, holes can be drilled in the profile beforehand and filled with installation foam.

To widen the opening, remove part of the wall. The best way to do this is to use a bolt cutter with a diamond grinding wheel. The bolt cutter is used to cut out the excess part of the wall. If the walls are monolithic, you can simplify the task by drilling along the contour with a perforator. However, it should be remembered that there is a high risk of damaging and weakening the supporting structures if a percussion tool is used.

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How to install a front door

Installing a new metal front door in Sacramento to a flat begins with the installation of the frame. First, it is necessary to adjust its position in the opening using a level and wedges. Then the box is fixed in one of the following ways

  • On anchors or pins from the reinforcement of the holes drilled in the surface of the wall, in the areas where the fixing holes of the wing are provided. Suitable for brick or concrete slab walls;
  • On the hooks - several hooks are welded to the box, surrounding the wall from the outside, further fixing is done with the help of foam and finishing materials. This option can be used for monolithic walls.

The appropriate method is chosen depending on the wall materials and the characteristics of the door itself.

The nuances and rules of front door installation

If you install the door yourself, be careful. In order to avoid minor damage, the leaf should be covered with a protective foil, which should be removed only after the work is finished. It is also necessary to pay attention to the hardware and hinges, avoiding their contamination and damage. After the installation, it is necessary to check the functioning of the locking mechanism and lubricate the hinges before the door is closed.

If you do the installation yourself, without involving specialists from the service, the warranty on the door is burned, because the company can not be held responsible for mistakes that you may have made.

Who to trust for changing front door in Sacramento

If you do not have the right skills for amazing front door installation, it is better to entrust such a job to professionals. Nico Pro Construction has a lot of experience installing front doors in Sacramento and other cities in California. Call us to find out the cost of front door installation and the time frame of the job. Install new and good front doors with us.

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