Installation of plastic windows in a wooden house

Lets talk about the peculiarities of the installation of plastic windows in the construction of a log house, the installation of the casing and problems that can arise in the process. Lets find out whether you can save money and do the installation yourself or whether you should leave it to the professionals.

Self-installation of windows saves a large amount of money necessary for a full-fledged repair. However, the installation of metal-plastic structures in wooden houses implies some peculiarities, the consideration of which will help to avoid serious mistakes.

Characteristics of wood

Compared to brick houses, wood houses are more prone to shrinkage. It is often confused with another phenomenon - shrinkage. Shrinkage is caused by the pressure of the building on the ground, and the heavier the foundation, the more the house will sag. A properly selected foundation, strong enough not to shift under the weight of the house, will allow for minimal settlement. If the building is located on heterogeneous soil and the foundation is not dense enough, then during the process of shrinking of two adjacent walls, cracks (on plaster) or wrinkles (on wallpaper) will form in the corners.

During the shrinking process, the geometry of the building changes. This is due to the drying of the materials. This is characteristic of houses made of brick or concrete, as well as structures made of logs or beams.

Installation of plastic windows in a wooden house
Installation of plastic windows in a wooden house

Peculiarities of installing windows in a wooden house

Such a building material as wood is characterized by a heterogeneous structure - a lot of through channels along the trunk throughout the growth, from the roots to the top of the crown. In recently felled wood there is always moisture (in winter it is the least, but in spring and summer the percentage is quite high). It is present in the cavities, but also in the walls of the channels. On average, the amount of such moisture can reach 30% of the total mass of wood. Gradually, as the water trapped inside dries out, the walls of the channels begin to shrink and shrink, reducing the size of the original building material. For this reason, doors and windows should be installed 6-12 months after the construction of the structure, when the active phase of wood drying is over.

Preparing to install windows in a wooden house

Often important components are lost in the delivery of windows, so when you receive your order, carefully check its completeness and also pay attention to the compliance with the required dimensions.

After checking the factory set, it is best to disassemble it into components. Installing a lightweight frame is much easier than manipulating a massive and uncomfortable block. After centering, you simply put the glazing and hardware back in place, avoiding their deformation or loss.

Installation of plastic windows in a wooden house

If the windows are installed in place of the old ones, it is necessary to remove the frames with the utmost care so as not to damage the old casing. The latter is checked for cracks, chips and other damage that can prevent a tight fixation of the new structures.

If the new window is smaller in size, then on the casing frame build up the necessary thickness of fresh, but a little otdalennogo material.

Be sure to try the frames before installation. Having installed on the bottom bar of the casing stands 1,5-2 cm thick, place the window frame and assess the size of the gap. It should not exceed 3 cm. If it is larger, it will be necessary to place boards, because filling the extra space with foam can not be a full replacement of the window profile, and the window will be strongly blown through.

Installation of plastic windows in a wooden house
Installation of plastic windows in a wooden house

Basic window installation:

  • Initial placement. This is done in the same way as the installation. The frame is placed on the centering pins and positioned so that there is a uniform thickness around the entire perimeter of the installation gap.
  • Align. Use a plumb line to level the vertical plane and a level to level the horizontal plane. Install top and side spacers.
  • Fasten. After making sure the frame is installed as accurately as possible, fasten it to the vertical points. Then double-check and secure the side points. Depending on whether you are installing a blind window or just a frame, use self-tapping screws or anchor plates.
  • The next step is to install the sill while you have access to the right positions (for frames on the second floor).

Installing and fixing the sash.

Placement of double-glazed windows. This is done only on rebate inserts and special spacers (straightening plates).

  • Fixing of double-glazed windows with staples, packing.
  • Close the sashes tightly and check the accuracy of the installation again with a level.
  • Replace the plugs on the hardware, screw the window handle.
  • The last step is to fill the gap with mounting foam. There are a few things to keep in mind:
  • Foam has a tendency to expand and deform the window profile, so it should be poured only after the window is fully installed and tightly closed;
  • When using strip sealing, the installation gap is lined from the outside;
  • Vapor barrier tape is cut and attached to the frame in advance.

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