Old House Window Replacement in Sacramento

Lately, it is very common to buy old houses in the suburbs of Sacramento for living or for a summer home. One way or another, old houses need to have their windows replaced. Old windows are not only sometimes rotten, but also do not meet the new requirements of life, including comfort, improved sound insulation and, most importantly, thermal insulation.

We would like to tell you about some of the problems that can arise when replacing the windows in an old wooden house. How to remove the old windows, where to put them and what parts of the old windows can be useful? Let's start with the last one, because the parts of the window that are planned to be reused should remain intact during the removal.

Features of window replacement in older Sacramento homes

These are mostly exterior trims, and with some finishing, interior trims as well. Why finishing, just new plastic windows or wooden windows will have a frame thickness of 70 mm, while the old ones were much thicker. But practice shows that mainly use the outer trims and it is quite difficult to remove them intact.

As they are nailed with fairly long nails and there may be many of them, disassembly is done with a heavy-duty nailer. First lift a small strip of board and then hit the nails with a hammer to bring them back down, causing them to protrude a few millimetres out of the board and into the nailer. When removing the nails, place a metal plate under the nailer support to avoid damaging the indentations in the plate.

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Removed exterior trim can be easily reinstalled after restoration and painting, but new windows may not fit exactly. To do this, you need to install new windows or flush with the exterior wall, or if the walls are not level, then recessed windows deep.

In this case, once the trim has been fitted to the installed new windows in the old house, all you need to do is fit thin strips to the inner end of the trim, one side against the window frame and the other side against the inner end of the trim, to close the resulting gaps.

Interior trim can be made of plastic. So and from plasterboard, but for a wooden house it is desirable from wood.

Who to trust for old house window installation in Sacramento

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