How to deal with wet wood rot in Sacramento

Let us first understand what wet rot is and how it differs from dry rot. Wet rot is more common and is caused by the fungus Coniophora puteana. This fungus is only attracted to very wet wood or plaster and, unlike dry rot, only remains in damp places. It is generally considered less destructive than dry rot, but severe cases are dangerous to the structure. Sacramento wood damage is a fairly common and widespread problem.

What are the symptoms of wet rot?

Wood damaged by wet rot is usually soft and porous, and often appears darker than the surrounding healthy wood. If the wood is stained, the stain can hide the rot, making the wood look perfectly healthy. In fact, you can tell if the wood is intact just by sticking a screwdriver into it. On walls, the fungus leaves brown/black threads that form a fern-like pattern.

How to deal with wet wood rot in Sacramento
How to deal with wet wood rot in Sacramento

How to remove wet rot?

It occurs in areas that are in direct and constant contact with water, so:

  • The first step is to remove the source of moisture as described above.
  • The second step is to remove and replace the damaged wood. If only a small area is damaged, remove the rotten wood and coat the surrounding areas with an epoxy wood hardener and preservative. Wet rot is easily removed from masonry and stucco with a metal brush.

 Who to Trust for Wet Rot Treatment in Sacramento

Damaged wood should always be treated competently and professionally. If you are a resident of Sacramento or any other city in California, then you better turn to Nico Pro Construction for help.  Our company's experts have extensive experience in preventing and treating wood from both dry rot and wet rot. Call us for a consultation and wood treatment cost.

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