Fiber Cement Siding in Sacramento

Fiber cement siding is a ventilated facade made of polymeric material. The name - fiber cement siding - panels received due to its composition, which is based on artificial or natural fiber (cellulose fibers) and cement. Silica sand, water and mineral additives are added.

The technology of manufacturing fiber cement boards is quite complex, but in a nutshell it can be described as follows. The solution of the above ingredients is mixed, pressed and dried. The finished material is used to make boards 10 to 30 cm wide. As a result, they are highly durable, fireproof and environmentally friendly.

Fiber cement siding production technologies:

  • Autoclave Curing
  • Natural curing

The autoclave method of manufacturing fiber cement siding in Sacramento involves mixing the ingredients in special drums, then removing excess moisture with a press. The resulting mass is cured in autoclaves under the influence of steam and increased pressure. In the final stage, the finished material is colored.

The composition of the mixture for autoclave curing: cement, silica sand, cellulose fiber and water.

Natural curing takes place without the influence of temperature. After mixing and pressing, the material is stored at room temperature for 28 days. This method of manufacturing cement board siding in Sacramento uses a mixture of cement, synthetic (polyvinyl chloride) fiber, lime and water.

Different manufacturing methods result in different textures. The autoclave method allows you to make an imitation of almost any natural material. And as a result of natural aging, an authentic texture is obtained, with pronounced fibers and rough texture.

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Types of Fiber Cement Finishes

In form, fiber cement finishes can be made in the form of siding or panels.

Fiber cement siding imitates natural wood. Depending on the type and method of installation, it can imitate wagons (chamfered boards) or planks (flat boards).

Fiber cement panels have the shape of rectangular plates, imitating stone or brick walls, less often - plastered walls.

Fiber cement in Sacramento can be finished with a coating of stoneware, which gives it additional strength and attractive appearance. However, this option is more expensive. Cheaper - choose a material without coating.  

For the basement, you can make compacted panels with increased strength. But in general, all these materials are called fiber cement siding.

Advantages of Fiber Cement Siding

Innovative production technology and carefully selected composition allow you to achieve a really high quality of the final product. In its strength, such a finish is not inferior to stone, so it could be called stone siding.

The advantages of fiber cement finishing are many:

  • The combination of cement and cellulose fibers gives the material high strength, rigidity and at the same time plasticity.
  • Thanks to a fairly large thickness - 10-12 mm - and the fact that the inside of the panel is not hollow - they do not "walk" and do not bend if you lean or lean something heavy against the wall.
  • Fiber cement siding is waterproof.
  • Fiber cement is not subject to infection by fungi and other microorganisms.
  • Panels can be used in temperatures from -40 ... +60 ° C. And if they have a glass-ceramic coating, this range increases to -50 ... +80 ° C.
  • The average frost resistance of the panels is 200 cycles.
  • Fiber cement siding is resistant to ultraviolet radiation.
  • Panels can be cut and repainted.
  • Fiber cement siding has relatively high sound insulation.
  • Panels do not support combustion.
  • Siding is environmentally friendly.
  • The process of siding installation - dry, without the use of adhesives and compounds. Therefore, it is possible to decorate the house at any time of the year.
  • Fiber cement panels do not require special maintenance. Resistant to active substances.
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Fiber Cement Board Siding Installation in Sacramento

Fiber cement board siding can be applied directly to the walls without the use of purlins. However, this method of installation has limitations: it excludes the possibility of using insulation, and the walls must be perfectly level.

The second option - installation with the help of purlins from a bar or metal profile. In this case you get a ventilated facade, and the walls under the finish can "breathe". In the gap between the wall and the cladding, if necessary, insulation is installed.

In general, the installation is identical to the installation of other types of ventilated facades. Siding can be easily cut with improvised tools, but manufacturers recommend using a circular saw with a dust collector. The joints and ends can be painted.

Characteristics of Fiber Cement Siding and Panels in Sacramento

It is worth noting that fiber cement siding is heavier than its plastic and metal counterparts. Therefore, even if you decide to install it yourself, you will need to invite one or two helpers.

Experts recommend cutting fiber cement siding on the street, wearing a protective mask and gloves. The dust created when cutting this material contains silica. It lodges in the lungs and causes serious diseases. By the way, this dust is also harmful to the tool, so it is better not to use new bolgars. And the deposited dust should be removed immediately.

Who to Hire for Fiber Cement Siding Installation in Sacramento

If you are in Sacramento and need professional fiber cement siding or fiber cement panel installation, you need a knowledgeable and professional contractor like Nico Pro Construction.

With us, you can always find out the exact cost of fiber cement siding in Sacramento, the cost of its installation and get professional advice on the right choice.

The bottom line

Fiber cement siding is a new and promising material for finishing the facades of houses in Sacramento. Its main advantage - high durability and resistance to natural phenomena. Such siding can imitate wood, stone and masonry or have a uniform color. At the same time, it is lighter, cheaper and more convenient to work than natural types of finishing. And it does not have the disadvantages of wooden facades: it is not susceptible to fungi and pests, it is resistant to humidity and temperature changes, it does not support combustion and does not require any special treatment.

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