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Vinyl siding is a modern siding material that consists of horizontal panels of varying thicknesses, textures and colors. With a wide range of siding with different textures and colors, vinyl siding near you in Sacramento can transform the facade of a building in the shortest time frame.

Vinyl Siding Features

Siding material is characterized by a special composition. This product owes its name to polyvinyl chloride, which makes up 80% of it. Some manufacturers reduce the volume of polyvinyl chloride to 70%, which reduces the cost of the material, but significantly affects its technical performance. Because of the low cost of vinyl siding in Sacramento, such products are in high demand by consumers.

If quality features are important to you, pay attention to the cost. There are options in the production of which is used secondary raw materials, located in the lower layers of the material in the amount of 5%. A 15% share is calcium carbonate, which influences the structural properties of the product.

The upper layers of the material contain 10% titanium dioxide. This ingredient is responsible for the stable properties of the structure. Titanium dioxide has the ability to prevent the negative effects of sunlight on the facing material, which ensures the preservation of its color saturation.

The presence in the composition of other additives in smaller amounts provides an increase in mechanical strength. Modern vinyl siding for the facade is represented in the market a wide variety of color solutions, which provides the presence in the composition of various pigments.

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Scope of application of vinyl siding for the house

Vinyl siding has a wide range of applications. It is suitable for both exterior and interior finishing of premises.

For work with the basement of the house is used basement vinyl. Products are short blocks of greater thickness than standard panels. Increased dimensions do not add weight to the products, so the facade can be strengthened without carrying out. Basement vinyl is presented in different variations, you can use a material that imitates natural stone or decorative brick.

Horizontal vinyl siding in Sacramento is used in the finishing of horizontal surfaces. Manufacturers offer smooth or imitation wood panels. There are several varieties of wall panels: single herringbone, double herringbone, triple herringbone, shiplap and block house.

Vinyl Siding Design

Vinyl siding for the exterior of the house is available in a wide range of colors. Fans of warm colors will be perfect for peach, red or olive tones. Calm color scheme is chosen by many buyers, also on sale are many original variations.

The choice of new vinyl siding  in Sacramento depends on the design ideas and individual preferences of each buyer. To make the choice easier, vinyl house siding in Sacramento is divided into several categories: white colors, colored and pastel shades. Pastel colors are the most popular, thanks to their versatility, they can be easily combined with other colors and do not get boring even after several years. The lower price of these panels is determined by a small number of various additives used to maintain the saturation of the color and prevent it from burning out under the influence of sunlight.

Bright tones of cladding and white color are used as decorative elements or borders. They favorably emphasize the basic tone of pastel shades.

Basement siding is an exception. Imitation of natural materials or brick is in demand. Panels in shades of beige, sand, gray or terracotta are used. They form an optimal combination with natural colors and give the facade of the building completeness of the overall picture.

If the client decides to decorate with log house, you can choose natural shades - pistachio, caramel or cream. When choosing the panels, it is necessary to take into account the combination with the color of the roof of the building.

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Choosing the right panel design and color

If you purchase contemporary vinyl siding from a large company, an employee may offer a color matching service. Vinyl siding colors can be selected using a computer program that allows you to see a preliminary layout of the building after the siding is installed.

Keep in mind that the colors shown in the samples may be slightly different from the finished project. If you think that the chosen shade will look impersonal, consider the opinion of a specialist familiar with the characteristics of the material. Bright shades are necessary for the advantageous and contrasting accentuation of individual elements.

Take into account the harmonious combination of the facade cladding with the surroundings. The basic laws of color combination will help you make the right choice.

Exterior vinyl siding in Sacramento

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