Dry rot repair in Folsom

Dry rot is a fungus that can appear on wood with 20% or more moisture content.

It can quickly grow and spread to any wood in a building including:

  • wood walls and ceilings
  • Door frames and windows
  • Floors and more.

This type of fungus does well in damp and dark environments, in homes with poor drainage or a leaky roof. Nico Pro Construction is the best dry rot prevention contractor in Folsom. We know exactly how to properly remove dry rot, find the cause of dry rot, and prevent further growth and spread.

How to detect dry rot

If dry rot is not treated properly, it can cause serious damage to a building. Dry rot usually causes a change in the color of the wood, it may become darker, yellow or gray. The surface of the affected wood may become smooth, dusty or cracked.

Contact the Folsom dry rot contractors at Nico Pro Construction even if you notice the very first signs:

  • Wood drying
  • Cracks in the wood
  • Wet odor
  • Brittle wood

Dry rot fungus likes moisture, so you should look for it in such places: in attics, under stairs, behind plaster walls. Depending on the stage of the dry rot lesion, it can have a brownish-orange color, contain thin gray threads throughout the wood or white content similar to absorbent absorbent cotton.

Dry Rot Repair in Folsom
Dry Rot in Folsom
Dry Rot Repair Contractor in Folsom

Sign of moisture damage

Disturbed wood is a major sign of water intrusion and high humidity. It is under these conditions that wood is affected by dry rot, cracks appear that run against the grain, and a damp odor appears. Dry rot is a serious sign if you can easily crack dry or broken wood, or if it crumbles in your hand. Contact our dry rot specialists in Folsom immediately to avoid further damage to your home.

How to prevent water intrusion

Now that you know what dry rot looks like, we can help you identify measures to prevent it. Revitalize Construction is a comprehensive resource for your construction challenges, including water infiltration.

Experts in dry rot control in Folsom

Nico Pro Construction is the leading contractor you can trust for dry rot repair in Folsom. We are always ready to help detect and repair dry rot in your building in a timely manner. Our dry rot cleaning company in Folsom can also use specialized equipment and techniques to determine the presence of fungal fruiting bodies or other signs of dry rot. The earlier dry rot is detected, the more likely it is to be eliminated quickly and permanently.

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