Characteristics of window installation in a private house

Installation of PVC windows is a responsible process. It is important not to make any serious mistakes. Only if the load is evenly distributed throughout the structure, the windows will last for many years and reliably protect the room from rain and cold.

If the preparatory measures are correct, then the installation of PVC windows can be done independently. However, if you are not sure of your abilities, it is better to ask for help from professionals, such as Nico Pro Construction. It is important to remember that when installing window structures it is necessary to take into account the material of the building.

Installation of windows in wooden houses Sacramento

The process of window installation in wooden structures is affected by the characteristics of the material. Wood has the ability to shrink or swell depending on the weather. Fresh wood is most susceptible to this. Therefore, when installing windows in a wooden house, it is necessary to take into account the shrinkage of the wood. This process may take up to two years.

The change in the shape of wood at different humidity levels leads to the appearance of cracks in the structure of the building. To avoid this, it is necessary to design a casing box in advance, which will absorb all changes in the building due to shrinkage. It can be made of 50-60 cm thick boards. As a result, the window structures will retain their original shape regardless of any changes in the building.

Characteristics of window installation in a private house
Characteristics of window installation in a private house

Installing windows in a brick house

The installation of windows in a brick building begins with the installation of the docking profile at the bottom of the opening. Holes with a diameter of 10 mm for dowels are drilled on the outside of the frame around its entire circumference. The sealing tape is pre-compressed and glued to the insulating glass unit at a distance of 300 mm from the outer edge. This ensures that the contact between the profile and the window opening is airtight. After that, the window is inserted into the space provided for it with the help of plastic or wooden wedges. With the help of a construction level, the window construction is aligned in the vertical and horizontal planes.

Anchor bolts are installed in the side holes drilled in the profile. They must be at least 25 mm away from the wall. You can also use mounting plates. This is a simpler method of mounting. However, the window structure will be less stable when used.

A gap of 1,5-4 cm should be left between the opening and the frame. It is intended for subsequent installation of the window sill and filling the foam. At the next stage, the wedges are removed, the window sill is placed in a strictly horizontal plane and the space under it is filled with assembly foam. From the outside, the drain is inserted under the window structure and fastened to the profile with screws. The remaining gap is filled with foam.

The inner edge of the window frame is covered with vapor barrier tape. The next step is to install the side slopes and the upper lintel. Self-tapping screws are used to secure these elements. All holes and gaps are filled with foam. The joints between the frame and the slopes are treated with sealant. Then the sashes are hung and the double-glazed windows are inserted, after which the sashes are adjusted.

Characteristics of window installation in a private house
Characteristics of window installation in a private house

Installation of windows in frame buildings Sacramento

When installing window structures in frame buildings, the side installation joints must be at least 2 cm wide and 7 cm wide at the top. The base profile is installed at the bottom of the opening. The flashing and weather strip are then installed.

The distance from the corner of the frame to the first fastener in the horizontal and vertical planes should be 150-180 mm. At the same time, the fasteners are located at a maximum distance of 700 mm in white plastic and 600 mm in colored plastic.

If the upper part of the window structure is reinforced, in the lower part of the lining plates are installed with a minimum gap of 1 cm. The window must then be levelled with a construction level.

Internal insulation consists of several layers:

  • Installation foam improves the thermal and acoustic insulation of the room;
  • The upper part of the window is equipped with a waterproofing layer;
  • A vapor barrier is installed on the wall side;
  • Pre-compressed tape can also be used.

The lower part of the construction is completely foamed. After the profile is exposed in the vertical and horizontal planes, the wings are hinged and adjusted. The average wall thickness of a frame house is 15-20 cm. According to the building regulations, the installation depth of the window structure is 1/3 or ¼ of the wall thickness. If these requirements are met, the double-glazed window will not freeze even in severe frost. In a frame building it is better to install wooden windows as they breathe better.

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