Can the siding be painted?

Siding provides the facade of the house reliable protection from a variety of atmospheric factors, prolonging the life of the building. Another argument in favor of choosing siding is an attractive appearance of the surface. However, under intense UV radiation, the effect of moisture and temperature fluctuations, the decorative quality of the surface decreases: the coating fades, small scratches and scuffs appear.

The easiest way to restore the aesthetics of the surface is to paint it. To achieve the desired result, it is important to choose the right paint and follow the technology of siding painting. In this case, the facade of the house will become bright and clean again, will receive additional protection from harmful factors.

Stages of siding coloring

Preparation. Before painting, the surface must be cleaned from impurities: wash with water with a small amount of detergent, leave to dry for 1-2 days. All lights, window joints and other decorative elements of the facade that cannot be removed should be covered with masking tape. This will prevent them from being stained with paint, which will be very difficult to wash off later.

Priming. The main tasks of this stage are

  • Fill unevenness and surface defects;
  • To create an auxiliary layer for better adhesion of the paint to the surface;
  • To reduce the intensity of the original color of the coating.
  • If the original color of the siding is saturated and you want to achieve a softer tone or radically change the shade, you cannot do without primer.
Can the siding be painted
Can the siding be painted

Choice of paints and varnishes. Today there is a wide range of paints and it is possible to choose products with a good combination of price and quality. Do not save on the paint for the siding, because if the composition does not meet the operating conditions, then in the near future the surface will have to be renewed, and this is an additional cost. As for the structure of the paint, it is better to use matte materials, as they do not emphasize the defects and irregularities of the surface.

Before applying some paints require careful mixing, dilution with water in certain proportions and other manipulations. Therefore, it is necessary to first study the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations. When using several cans of paint, it is important to check that they are from the same batch, otherwise there may be differences in color. The best way to achieve the same color over the entire surface is to pour all the paint into one container.

The following tools can be used to apply the paint

  • Brush;
  • Roller;
  • Airbrush.

It will take the most time to paint with a brush, a little less time with a roller. The easiest and fastest way is to use a sprayer. In this case, it is important to have at least the initial skills of working with this device to avoid the formation of sweat and uneven layer.

Start painting from the corner of the building and move horizontally along the lines of the final coating, row by row going down. This technique helps to immediately eliminate the formation of drips and achieve an even layer.

If all these recommendations are followed, siding painting will help to restore the attractive appearance of the facade, hide the defects and signs of wear of the coating, give the opportunity to experiment with the color scheme of the finish.

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